A flexible framework

Adapting to your needs

With our architecture you can face changes in a relaxed manner. For this purpose, after a consultation, we select the structure of the application that suits you. We document our decisions in a way that is understandable for you. We are experts in developing flexible and sustainable architectures. Our individual software is characterized by a high degree of adaptability. In this way, we can map your operating and business processes efficiently and effectively in the future – with high quality.

Solutions for your custom software with Kontext-e

Your requirements change? Your software has been developed as a monolith and can no longer be serviced? Have you lost track of dependencies? Your original partner can no longer maintain your application? We’re transforming your chaos into structure. To do this, we analyze the existing architecture and give concrete recommendations for action – for example, the use of microservices or the conversion into a modulitate. With a new software, you get comprehensive information about the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

We rely on open source tools and standards such as PlantUML, AsciiDoc, UML and BPMN, so they don’t have to obtain additional licenses. Your company already has its own standards? We also speak Confluence, HP ALM and many more.

The end part is a consistent documentation, which will be understood and analyzed in a few years’ time.

Your Benefits

We Offer
  • Flexible and sustainable changes
  • Acquisition of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Traceability of decisions
You Get
  • Architectural documentation according to arc42
  • Understandable presentation
  • Excellent choice of technologies
  • Loose coupling, high cohesion

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