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Kontext-e uses approaches from the behavior driven design to ensure a high quality of the software. We work closely with you from the very beginning. Our experts will advise you on the concrete procedure in your project. We define acceptance criteria from the requirements with you. These form the basis for our development work, our tests and your reports. Since we work in small development units, you can counteract early and flexibly choose the functions you need at the chosen time. Even if you change the architecture, we continue to check our results against your requirements. We offer different levels of quality assurance.

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We involve you in the evaluation of your software at an early stage. Based on your requirements, we develop acceptance criteria. Thanks to our small development units, you can gain an early overview of the range of functions. Our experts map the acceptance criteria in software tests. Throughout the development cycle, we automatically review changes to code and architecture against previous acceptance criteria.

You will always receive a detailed report on the current state of development and compliance with the defined criteria. Due to the different levels of aggregation, the right view is for each stakeholder.

We use other quality software, which we develop ourselves and make available to other companies free of charge as open source.

Your Benefits

We Offer
  • Trained employees
  • Standardized technologies
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Multiple levels available: acceptance tests, system tests, integration tests, unit tests
You Get
  • Requirements and acceptance criteria in a report
  • Different levels of detail: the right view for every stakeholder
  • Flexibility in assembling your package
  • Timely counter-steering possible

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