Our approach

Transparent, agile, cooperative

You benefit from our expertise in software development. We are experts in the implementation of agile, iterative procedures. Our team consists of architects, developers, testers and domain experts – the right person for every task. We are your full service provider. From initial planning, to the selection of architecture and infrastructure, to various test methods, we take you over the entire project. You can also rely on us in support afterwards.

Individualūs programinės įrangos sprendimai su „Kontext-e“

You have an idea and want to evaluate the market opportunities quickly and easily? Do you already have an idea of your goal? In our iteration steps, we define work packages and acceptance criteria with you. In this way, we can respond individually to your wishes.

The product is fully operational at all times and adapts flexibly to the opportunities and the environment – even without much effort.

You can check the quality and compliance of your solution at any time with our reports.

Your Benefits

We Offer
  • Continuous exchange with you
  • Mutual Code Review
  • Excellent approach by trained employees
  • Constant testing of all acceptance criteria (including previous sprints)
You Get
  • Transparency about the state of development
  • Small development units that enable early countermeasures
  • Large scope of the tested acceptance criteria

Jan Heuer-Theurich

Software Development

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