We conceptualize ideas

And realize concepts

With the requirements analysis, we lay the foundation for the success of your individual software. We are already active in many industries and know your processes. From this we determine the relevant requirements with various creativity techniques. Our experts record your domain – complete, correct and traceable for you. We involve all stakeholders. You can always rely on appreciative communication on an equal footing. We have already been able to apply a variety of process models in various projects, so that you have just the right thing for your project – from VModell XT to domain-driven design. The domain-driven design is embedded in our agile approach. That’s why we always implement exactly the requirements that you need in a concrete step. You can also benefit from building blocks that have already been developed by us.

Individualūs programinės įrangos sprendimai su „Kontext-e“

Your employees don’t speak “IT”? Do you suspect that you still have to dig out hidden requirements? You wanted a swing but got a tire? We use our extensive industry knowledge to transform your functional and non-functional requirements into a consistent form. To this end, we work closely with the relevant stakeholders. With proven creativity techniques, our employees manage to consider and plan for future changes.

And with the tools we use, we pick everyone up in the right place. Whether it’s creating mock-ups or capturing requests to a specific submodule.

We always keep an eye on the quality of your software.

Your Benefits

We Offer
  • Dedicated and empatic employees
  • Creativity techniques
  • Methodological competence
  • Previous experience in various domains and business processes
You Get
  • Detailed requirements catalog
  • Concrete project plan
  • Appropriate procedure model
  • Coordinated acceptance criteria

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